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Chinese tourist in Hong Kong dies in dispute over forced shopping

How many of you enjoy shopping? What if you were forced to shop?

In Hong Kong, there are tour groups which show you around the city and some of the popular shops for a low price. The trick is that you are required to buy goods from the shops you visit. This is one way the tours recoup some of their losses from selling tours at a discounted price.

On Tuesday (10-21), a 53-year old construction worker died after he stepped in to break up a fight between a tour guide and customer who refused to purchase goods from one of the jewelry shops they had arranged to visit.

Mainland tourism is much needed for the economy in Hong Kong; however, many of the locals dislike the tourists due to the congestion that occurs. The Chinese government has banned these “zero-fare tours”, and the Travel Industry Council has attempted to regulate the industry. Even with this political involvement, incidents like this keep occurring.

These incidents are causing tourism and shopping to leave Hong Kong. This year jewelry sales are down 14%. The Hong Kongese government has been strongly urged by China’s government to fix these incidents or continue hurting their economy.




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