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Cloud Computing For the Future

Jephthe Cadet

 Cloud computing is in the process of being at the center of everything we do. For those who don’t know according to Microsoft Azure, cloud computing is simply the delivery of computing services such as storage, servers, databases, networking, software, analytics over the internet in order to cut cost and allow for faster innovation. In the past, a lot of business and companies would have to house their own servers/datacenters and infrastructure. Doing that is very expensive to build and maintain. Companies would have to think about paying for expensive software, updates, cooling systems and also qualified employees. What cloud computing does it allow for none of those things to be a factor. With the rise of Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure(cloud services), companies and organization are making the transition to having all there computing hosted by third party companies. In my opinion, these changes are positive and necessary it saves a lot of space and money. It allows for as I said before fast innovation. Cloud computing in the near future will be the standard for every if not most organizations.  The only downside would be the security of the datacenters. We have seen in the past celebrities Apple cloud hacked because the reality is there’s nothing more secure than having important data houses in your own personal local machine.

          Cloud computing is becoming such a reality that the US government is beginning to transition a lot of their data into the cloud. For example, there’s a story out there that’s gone under the radar, theirs is currently a bidding war between Amazon and Microsoft over a 10 billion dollar contract in order to create a “war cloud” computing system. The purpose is to store classified data in order to use artificial intelligence to speed up war planning and fighting capabilities.

Cloud computing is also making its way into the gaming world, there are companies like Vortex that offer games without the hassle of downloading the game and taking up space on your own local machine.

These are just some examples of how cloud computing is beginning to change the way we work, play and store important documents.

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