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Coffee Shop Ethics

Last week Starbucks announced it would hire 10,000 refugees world-wide but what many people did not hear about is the small coffee shop based out of Utah that announced an initiative to hire 10,000 US veterans.

Black Rifle Coffee is a growing franchise started by Army Special Forces veteran Evan Hafer. Hafer’s mission, parallel to Starbucks’, is to hire those in desperate need of jobs in the United States, particularly a group of people who he feels a strong connection to.

Veterans in the United States face an unemployment rate 5% higher and a suicide rate 21% higher than the general population. Just as we cannot idly stand by and watch millions run from the war torn country Syria we cannot stand by and watch our nation’s veterans suffer.

Hafer’s is making a major social corporate responsibility move. In a time when most of America’s focus is abroad, Black Rifle Coffee is taking the stance that we need to provide assistance to American citizens in need as well.

Recently, this has been a fairly large debate: where to focus our attentions domestic or abroad. It is obvious that both groups are in need of major assistance and 10,000 jobs would certainly do the trick. But does there need to be a right and wrong in this situation? Surely both companies are making morally conscious decisions even though they differ.

Original article: “Black Rifle Coffee CEO: We’ll keep the hiring focus on veterans” The Blaze. Feb 10, 2017.

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