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Companies are Pledging to use 100% Renewable Energy

Posted by: Michelle Posch, Mar 26, 2017

Non renewable energy, such as fossil fuels, takes millions of years form and replenish. It is expected that many energy resources will be depleted in the next 70 years. This is causing companies to choose the sustainable option of renewable energy to run their businesses. Many major firms are committing to the RE100 campaign where they are pledging to eventually only use 100 percent renewable energy.

Ikea was a founding partner of this campaign and is currently promising to be 100 percent renewable by 2020. Eighty-Eight other companies have also pledged including Apple, BMW, Coca-Cola, Facebook, GM, Google, HP, Microsoft, and Walmart. Ikea made it’s pledge to become renewable by 2020 in 2012, and in 2016, HP set the same goal for themselves. Renewable energy is now less expensive and there are more renewable options to choose from. This advancement is making it easier for companies to take the step towards renewables.

Despite companies committing to the RE100 campaign, there are still many regulations that are preventing businesses from making the switch. Supply limitations make it challenging to purchase renewable energy for the same price as traditional energy, and governments are inconsistent with whether or not they support renewable energy. RE100 guides firms who are struggling to implement renewable energy use since leaning how to get around the regulations and understanding how to use renewable energy is a new for companies.

Original Story: “Can you power a business on 100% renewable energy? Ikea wants to try” The Guardian, Apr 8, 2016

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