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Consequences of a Virtual Market- Sara Ennis

Online ordering has been around for quite some time now, but recently has picked up steam. Companies have been improving their online ordering options and processes to make ordering faster and easier. One or two day delivery has become a common offering for many retailers and the implementation of apps has allowed ordering to become quick and convenient with just a few clicks on your phone no matter where you are.

Amazon and Walmart have made it possible now to order all your groceries without ever leaving your house. This allows people to cut out the time in their busy schedules originally dedicated to errands such as grocery shopping. There are even companies now, such as Jet.com, that sell products at wholesale values to regular consumers. And with the world becoming more globalized, you can order products straight from manufacturers in other countries. Personally, I enjoy many Korean beauty products and a lot of the time it is cheaper for me to order their products online from South Korea rather than purchasing them at local beauty stores.

This process innovation of online ordering allows people with little free time to do their shopping without having to worry about crowded malls or long lines at the supermarket. However, with more shoppers moving to online sales, sales at local stores drop. Retail employs a lot of people and eventually this can cause workers at these stores to lose their jobs. Loss of sales in stores can even cause stores to close entirely and can create local real estate to lose value. Many that lose their job in a retail store don’t have the skill set to work a job involving computers and will have trouble finding new work. Though innovation has it’s perks, there needs to be a solution to the negative side effects of progress.

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