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Consumer Electronics in Times of Covid-19

Often, in times of disaster, organizations, companies, and business step up to help out as best as they can. Different examples include how during with the lack of surgical and medical masks, Hollywood and television shows like Greys Anatomy donated every mask they had to hopefully relieve some of the shortage that parts of this country were experiencing. When it comes to the consumer electronics companies of the U.S. companies like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and other leaders in teach are trying to limit the misinformation about covid-19 and also expertly track the virus’s spread. To add one to their corporate citizenship, companies like these are looking to “build artificial intelligence tools to help medical researchers glean insights from a new database of coronavirus-related scholarly literature to be released in the coming days” according to the Washington Post. U.S. chief technology officer Michael Kratisios said in a statement that cutting-edge technology companies and major online platforms will play a critical role in this all-hands-on-deck effort. 

            More specifically, this is how certain companies are planning to assit in the fight against covid-19. Researchers at the Energy Department are using IBM’s supercomputer to identify drug compounds to disable the virus, Facebook is exploring how data can be sued to help contain the virus’s spread, google is providing $25 million in ad credits to the World Health Organization and government agencies, Twitter has opened up lines of communication with governments and health organizations to help troubleshoot account issues and get experts verified and that is just the beginning.

            In times of disaster, it is of the utmost important for companies who are able to help, to do so. Hopefully, as this pandemic continues, we will continue to see the consumer electronics industry and other industries show their corporate citizenship and help the country in any way they can. 

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