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Corporate Social Responsibility Took Stage At CES, But 2021 Demands More

Austine Jobe 2021, Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/carolinamilanesi/2021/01/23/corporate-social-responsibility-took-stage-at-ces-but-2021-demands-more/?sh=7c54a6cc512b

            Sony leads brands at the Consumer Electronics Show in demonstrating their corporate social responsibility by pledging 1.7 million dollars to the International African American museum. The Consumer Electronics Show has always played a role in uniting the tech industry to excite consumers and workers about where new technologies were headed. Because of COVID-19, this year was the first-ever completely digital Consumer Electronics Show. The show had a new role because of the uncertainty of the pandemic and the cries against social injustice and inequality, impacting how brands portrayed themselves. The products at the show mostly fell into three categories. The first was COVID 19 related products. The second was entertainment products such as bigger and brighter televisions. The last were things that were so expensive, they probably would not be on the market for years. Despite what type of good producers were selling, there was a new presence at the Consumer Electronics Show, which was Corporate Social responsibility.

            Brands were promoting their products by incorporating the philanthropic efforts of their company or the accessibility of their products. They were showing more accountability for the influence and responsibility that the technology brands have when they bring a new product or service to the market. Although Sony’s donation was very large and will contribute to the creation of interactive displays and experiences throughout the museum, they were not the only company attempting to give back to the community. Samsung introduced a solar-powered TV remote control made with 77% recycled plastic. Microsoft used their keynote to talk about where the technology is headed and what responsibility they will take for it. The president, Brad Smith, promised that they will attempt to uphold user’s privacy, cybersecurity, and digital safety to the best of their abilities.            

           This show demonstrates how CSR is growing in our world and can no longer be a side project. Millennials and Gen Z’ers are asking for more transparency and commitment from companies, which is being reflected in the world. Refusing to take action and uphold social justice and equality will soon be unacceptable and businesses need to realize and adapt to this, or risk being left behind.  

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