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COVID-19 and Jails : Lolita Bell 4/22/20

who feels safe with the government releasing prisoners from jail?

Well because of the many cases of corona spreading quickly in jails they decided to release “nonviolent prisoners and said that it can be safer serving their sentences at home”. However, there are many more people locked in state prisons than federal facilities. Therefore, some states have released some people that are in state prisons. California said they will let out “2500 nonviolent inmates in the next 60 days”. (). They say that the inmates are more vulnerable to the virus and can spread it easily in facilities. This is a larger issue because there is no room for inmates to social distance and stay safe from the virus. Although overcrowding can lead to violence and fail to provide proper health care. Hand sanitizer is illegal in most prisons because it can be used to make alcoholic drinks, most prions also do not provide soap. Therefore, there is a minimal way to stay safe from the virus locked up. However, with states letting prisoners out this creates bigger issues as the inmates released have no money and no place to get a job because everything is shut down. Therefore this could lead to acts of violence and people are scared. I believe that states should let out non-violent prisoners for house arrest because with corona spreading easily in prisons it could affect the workers in prison as well. 

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