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COVID-19 and the Global Wildlife Trade

It may be hard to imagine that something that has devastated the human species in so many ways is helping every other animal. COVID-19 was discovered from a bat in global wildlife trade. The good news is that according to George Wittemyer’s recent post in the journal, The Conversation, many believe this virus may cause the end of this horrific business.

Although humans tend to place blame on animals for the diseases we catch, since around 75% of diseases come from animals, we tend to overlook that due to our irresponsible behavior and habitat destruction, we are actually the true cause of these diseases. How are animals supposed to live healthy lives if we don’t provide them with sustainable habitats to do so?

For those of you who do not know, the global wildlife trade is a very inhumane, dirty, and corrupt business. Bringing in an estimated $18 billion annually in China alone, wildlife trade is a massive market, which sucks. Wildlife trade includes poaching and habitat destruction. It has now created countless diseases, one of which is currently devastating the entire globe. 

Although COVID-19 might mean the end of wildlife trade, countries in Africa are likely to increase their levels of poaching due to the recession that the virus has put everyone in. It is horrible that killing animals is a huge source of income for many people.

 I hope that this virus, while it has many negative effects on us, will not only end the wildlife trade but help many vulnerable and endangered species repopulate. If we can get every human to stop viewing animals as a product that exists for our satisfaction, then not only will the world become more beautiful but it will also change the mindset of humans to believing that animals deserve more rights.

Source: https://theconversation.com/the-new-coronavirus-emerged-from-the-global-wildlife-trade-and-may-be-devastating-enough-to-end-it-133333

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