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COVID-19 Causes Flight Attendants to Face Massive Layoffs

As the US attempts to contain the spread of COVID-19 by making people stay at home, the aviation industry is suffering deeply. Empty flights, canceled routes and rising costs may lead to between 60-70% of flight staff being let go- almost 2 million people. These workers are mostly on minimum wage meaning they’re highly susceptible to severe financial hardship and potentially, homelessness.

The aviation industry was desperate for a relief package from the government and now, after weeks of deliberation Congress has passed a stimulation bill that will support business in need. This will help ease the suffering of airlines nationwide and keep millions of people employed. That said, it will not remedy the redundancies and lost profits seen in the industry.

The coming months will continue to be difficult as demand continues to fall as cases of the virus soar but the industry can find some respite in the relief package soon to be deployed by the government.


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