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Covid Is Widening The Gender Pay Gap Among U.S. Doctors

As COVID-19 rages on the need for doctors is becoming higher and more urgent. However, despite this necessity for medical professionals the gender pay gap in the medical field is actually widening. This article briefly describes how across multiple industries, the effects of COVID-19 can be felt and the gender pay gap has widened in other professions like Tech and Science. In fact author Erin Spencer said, “Women are dispraportionally represented in sectors that are expected to decline the most due to Covid-19.”

The article goes on to analyze an annual report written up with data collected by Doximity. Doximity is the largest network of medical professionals and accounts for over 70% of physicians in the U.S., all of which are included in their annual report. The report for 2020 brought troubling statistics at it was revealed that despite the need for physicians, both men and women, women were still extremely underpaid. A shocking statistic from the article was, ” This year’s study, which happens to be one of the largest yet with 44,000 respondents, found the gender wage gap had risen to 28%, with male doctors earning over $116,000 more annually than their female counterparts”.

Writer Erin Spencer also added the different medical professions that had either the highest or lowest pay gap in them. The one thing I found most interesting about the statistics from the report was the following, “The report also seems to indicate that higher concentrations of female physicians in a field didn’t necessarily help with narrowing the pay gap. OBGYN, a specialty that in 2019 was 83% female still ranks among the medical specialties with the largest gender wage gap”. This article as well as the statics analyzed from the report by Doximity has only shown me how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected a multitude of women in different industries but how it has also brought light to serious issues that need to be addressed.

Original Story, “Covid Is Widening The Gender Pay Gap Among U.S. Doctors”, Erin Spencer, Forbes, October 29, 2020.

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