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Hungarian Border Blocks Refugees

A migrant girl cries after being hit by pepper spray and tear gas after hungarian police repelled an attempt by migrants break the border post gate and pull down the razor wire fence on September 16, 2015 in Horgos, Serbia. Hungary has introduced tough new laws to administer the influx of migrants and has also declared a state of emergency in two of it's counties close to the border. The new laws have created a dead end for migrants arriving at the Horgos frontier post resulting in clashes with migrants and hungarian police.



During times of great conflict, nations must ask themselves several questions: Who is responsible for the solution? What is the best way to intervene? Where do the refugees go? Hungary’s response to these questions was made loud and clear on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 with the construction of a 110-mile razor-wire fence built on top of the border between Hungary and Serbia. Hungary has been a major gateway to the EU for migrants and in 2015 alone, 200,000 war refugees have crossed into Hungary. Recently, Hungary has become fed up with the effects that these migrants are having on their society and economy– refugees come through Hungary on their way to Germany, disrupting the economic status quo without investing in it. In order to display authority, the Hungarian government has placed severe sanctions on anyone who tries to breach the fence and cross the border. 519 migrants have been arrested to date and will begin trials Wednesday afternoon.


This fence represents a stalemate. Croatia has openly criticized Hungary for their action and welcomes all Serbians to cross through the border into Croatia. As a globalized economy, we all have a responsibility to the people of Serbia. It is easy to forget, as U.S. citizens, how difficult it must be to leave in war-torn nations like Serbia. We hold great power to support refugees and the countries that accept them. If we all accept refugees into our countries, no one country will have to bear the burden of it.

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