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Custom Cancer Vaccines of the Future

By: Zach Wilkoff

Over the years, there has been a rapid advancement in cancer immunotherapy. Scientists have been working day and night to figure out how to rid the world of cancer and the answer may be closer than expected. The world’s second leading cause of death may soon cease to exist, and that would be a society shifting benefit if it were to happen.

           The concept of a personalized cancer vaccine is something that’s baffling to those who first hear about it because cancer has been a demonic enigma for decades now. If this were to come about within the next decade, it would have a monumentally positive effect on the world. Those who are sick may no longer experience the pain and sorrow they were enduring, and it would save a lot of lives; probably preventing depression considering not as many loved ones would be passing away. A San Francisco based company Genentech is working with the German company BioNTech to develop these personalized vaccines for cancer patients. The vaccines would be based on the unique DNA of each individual. This type of vaccine wouldn’t be administered as a preventative measure, but rather while the patient has cancer.

           According to Bill Gates, the potential for this type of cancer vaccine first came about in 2008, when geneticists first published the sequenced genome of a cancerous tumor cell. Researchers would compare the mutations in a variety of different tumor cells, finding that most tumors have unique mutations to themselves. If all of this can be targeted and potentially work, then there would be a more positive vibe that would protrude throughout the environment. More people would live happier, fuller lives with their families, more people would be able to go to work because they’re healthy, and people in society would be more active due to their healthy nature. All in all, this custom cancer vaccine would be life-changing and would have a dramatic positive effect on the world.


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