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Customer Services for Online Shopping

Customer Services for Online Shopping

E-commerce giant Alibaba has broken its own record for sales on China’s Singles Day, the world’s biggest online shopping event. By the close of trade, the site had seen sales worth 91.2billion yuan ($14.3bn; £9.4bn), a 60% increase from last year in the same time period. In comparison, sales on Cyber Monday, which is the biggest online shopping day in the US, hit $1.35bn, according to data analytics firm ComScore. Actually, during these couple years, online shopping have been widely accepted even become a part of daily routine for youth.

Because most people think of shopping online as a way to cut costs. E-commerce stores relieve customers of travel time, and retailers of storefront expenses. Also, online transection help seller save fund for rental, salary of worker. However, the physical distance between the buyer and seller adds risks to the customer’s plate. They found that for potential customers, being unable to examine the product in person leads to a host of problems: clothing may not fit, software may be incompatible, or a purchase may be damaged during shipping. Shoppers must measure themselves and study a sizing chart instead of simply entering a dressing room, or gather system requirements information instead of just asking a sales representative.

To further develop the online shopping, the customer service should be attach more importance. Basically, most of the E-commerce company and seller already have mature system that help customer identify goods, select appropriate products and provide with convenient way for delivering. But after-sale service is still a missing part that need to be improvement. For one things, in some of the developing country like China, the supervised system still have flaws that give those dishonest owners chance to cheat in transection. In order to win customers’ trust, it is necessary to build up strong system to cover the after-sale issues, including dealing with fake commodities, negotitating the refund and compensation for unsatisfied or damage products.


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