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Cyber Security Bill

Alessandro Ceccarelli News Talk:


The Cyber security Information Sharing Act 2015 intends to improve cyber security by encouraging companies and the government to share information about hacking threats with the Department of Homeland Security, who could then pass it on to other agencies like the FBI and NSA, who would in theory use it to defend the target company and others facing similar attacks. There has been a lot of controversy on the bill spurred by issues of privacy rights and the freedom it gives the government to access private information. While on one side, people argue that this is a necessary step to providing more protection to companies and tech users against hackers, many opposing the bill are worried about the bypassing of laws currently in place to protect privacy rights.

I believe there can be advantages to having the government resources like the FBI and NSA be put to use to protect corporations from hackers and cyber attacks. Many corporations are not prepared to combat advanced cyber breaches, while the government devotes billions every year to prepare for attacks. However, I see many issues regarding the sharing of information, which could leave citizens with no privacy for their financial, health and communication information.

This topic is strongly related to the class because the focus of this bill is on corporations in need of protection. This brings many ethical issues to the table that have to be considered and voted on when constructing the bill. There must always be a balance between security and privacy. Unfortunately, corporations are stuck in the middle being forced to make the ethical judgement calls for their customers.

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