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Introduction a new business novel: Dancing with Tigers and Dragons


Tap Dancing with Tigers and Dragons is a modern business fable of the life and struggles of three high technology firms and the people who care about them. One is a hardscrabble, street smart Chinese company with a vision; Wei Bao, David Chen and Jeff Manville are riding the economic rise of the Middle Kingdom and want to turn their fledgling Beijing firm into a Chinese high tech multinational. The second is an Indian outsourcing company with more chutzpah than money. Sriram Rajan and Vivek Rao are Bangalorians at the core of India’s IT industry. Using homegrown technology and wits they attempt to tear away from the gravitational pull of ‘body shopping’ to become a real software company. The third is a canny Boston-based survivor on a path of redemption. Michael Webb, Seth Goldman, Carrie Delaney and Glenn Youngkin are resurrecting a dot com start-up in Kendall Square. Webb Analytics started by Michael and Seth made millions during its IPO but is forced to embrace the rising tide of private equity in order to survive the harsh market downturn. Their tales are ones of brains, sweat, luck and tears. As economies intertwine and the financial crisis complicates plans the three firms and their principals are headed for a clash of business strategy, personal will and economic destiny.