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Delta Now Offers Free In-Flight Texting

Delta Airline recently spent multiple billions of dollars to invest in their customer’s experience. One of the most notable perks of enhancing their customer experience is offering free text messaging on their flights, in an effort to keep passengers feeling connected while they are flying. Starting a couple weeks ago, Delta flights have free texting through Gogo, the inflight internet provider. The company said in a press release that this installment is the first by a U.S. global carrier, (which is defined as a U.S.- based airline operating transoceanic routes). Passengers will be able to access the feature through Delta’s Wi-Fi portal page, where they will be given a choice to open a connection to use free internet-enabled chat programs or purchase full-featured Wi-Fi. Gogo is an in-flight internet and entertainment service used by airlines to connect their planes to cellular networks on the ground or in space. The new high-speed technology is satellite-based and significantly increases the bandwidth to the plane, enabling streaming services like Hulu, HBO Now, and YouTube. While the service does not support sending photo or video files, passengers can communicate via iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

This is an obvious example of technology advancement for Delta as a business. Also, it is interesting that we have found how to obtain new high-speed bandwidth in order for passengers to be able to communicate with people on the ground while they are up in the air.

Would this be a selling point for you when choosing an airline?





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