The Power of Self-Driving Cars

A major technological innovation that is in the horizon is self-driving cars. Self-driving cars are still a while away from being in everyone’s daily life, but they could be present in some urban areas as early as 2021 (Boudette). There is a lot of significant positive and negative consequences that comes with self-driving cars. A few of the positive effects include economic benefits, saving lives, accessibility for those who can’t drive, quicker commuting, and environmentally friendly. 90% of all road fatalities are attributed to human errors, with self-driving cars we will be able to eliminate human error and eliminate these fatalities (Budget Direct Car Insurance). Some of the negative effects include the moral problem with a machine, loss of jobs, criminal hacking, and expenses to make these cars. Criminal hacking could be a potential huge problem for self-driving cars. People can try to hack into the car to crash the car to hurt or even kill people (Budget Direct Car Insurance).

Self-driving cars will impact our daily lives dramatically. With self-driving cars, transportation cost is expected to decrease significantly. People are going to be willingly to have longer commutes to work. Since they aren’t driving, people will be able to start working on the commute to work. This will cause the radiuses of cities to increase and cities to grow in general. This is because more people will work in the city, but also live far away from the city (CNN). Another change in our daily life self-driving cars will impact is that people will stop buying cars. People are most likely to have a self-driving car service pick them up and take them to and from work. This will eliminate the main need of buying a car. Owning cars will not be eliminated for good, but the number of families that own a car will drop dramatically with the future of self-driving cars (Baggaley). Self-driving cars is an important innovation that is on the horizon and we need to perfect these cars perfectly before they end up on the road.

By: Ryan Dietz






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