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Disruptive Technologies and the Effects

A major technological innovation that I see on the horizon are self-driving cars. Even though testing of automated cars has been occurring since the mid-1900s, the challenges and obstacles that come with the car has prevented its use on roads. In recent years, companies like Audi and Waymo have tested self-driving cars on the road and have had success with them. Eventually, automated cars will become the norm and even though there are current obstacles to overcome, there are many benefits. One of the biggest advantages is safety. With these cars, there will be little to no collisions that are caused by human error such as distracted driving or drunk driving. A major disadvantage, however, are technology issues. Current Tesla vehicles with self-driving technology have resulted in collisions because of problems with the feature.

Automated cars will impact many aspects of our lives. It will make mobility for people who can’t drive, such as the elderly or children, much easier and will reduce traffic allowing people to save time on transportation.This innovation will also result in more innovative technology in society to accommodate it. An example includes my hometown of Columbia, Maryland. A 20-yr project was recently announced that will make it a technology hub and the first city of its kind. The proposed plan takes into account futuristic innovations and includes parking solutions and roads designed so cars can park themselves. Among other things, the design allows for the downtown part of Columbia to be walkable, bikeable, and livable while decreasing the need to drive cars. If more and more cities incorporate these kinds of aspects into their areas, it will change society and the way people live on a daily basis. It will also result in new kinds of innovation and new kinds of high-tech cities that will be transformative in society.

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