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“Does Ad Blocking Herald The End Of The Free Internet?”

Do you hate having ads pop up when you’re just trying to enjoy the beautiful powers of the Internet? Well those ads are what is keeping the Internet strong. Ads are what fund them. Now how would you feel if you had to pay to use the Internet?

“Ad blocking is a threat to the whole advertising industry,” said David Frew, the senior programs manager for the Internet Advertising Bureau trade body. “It’s possibly heralding the end of online advertising in its current form,” he says. “It’s essential people understand that online content isn’t free – there’s a value exchange. Facebook is monetising you – your data is valuable.”

There have been pop-up ad blockers around for years and have been used by tens of millions of people around the world. But it’s no longer just blocking programs such as Adguard and Adblock , Apple is a apart of the game too. Because Apple is now a high stake holder blocking programs could become much more popular, particularly mobile devices.

Chief technology officer for Hearst Magazines UK, Darren Goldsby says “Consumers should have a choice over what kinds of ads they want to see, how fast they want them to load, and how much personal information they are happy to share.” For example have you ever noticed that you could be online shopping one day and later on an ad for that item shows up on your Facebook page? That isn’t a coincidence. They aren’t asking for your consent to step into your life, they’re just doing it. So what Goldsby is trying to say is that you will get a choice to weather or not this will go on. But at the moment there really isn’t a way to do this.

As soon as consumers understand that they may have to pay for an ad free online experience, ad-blocking programs may lose some of their appeal.

I found this piece extremely interesting and shocking. I hate ads more than anything, but I think in the end if it means that I can keep some more of my privacy and save money I’d rather go without the ad blockers. I was able to connect this article to what we discussed at the end of our last class about advertising. Think about how much snooping is going on inside of our computers. If I were to look up a pair of shoes on the internet all the sudden they appear everywhere I turn. I find it very disturbing that someone has such access into my life. It’s an invasion of privacy.


Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-34268416

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