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Dole Case Shows Faulty in Shareholder Ownership System

I will begin my news talk introducing the questions, “Who here knows anyone that is a shareholder in a company?” and “who here is aware that you essentially do not own the shares you buy?” This will lead into the main topic of the article that it discussing faulty transactions of money to shareholders in company’s. In this case, for Dole’s shareholder ownership system. The issue that was brought up with the Dole case was that sometimes the Depository Trust Company can’t keep track of shares, which means that the company stops tracking the shares because it is too hard to relocate them in the last three trading days. When this happens, the Depository Trust Company throws something together and the money in the merger is paid to the brokers whose job it is to filter it down to the investors. This case outlines that as our capital markets become more complex, share trading and ownership are getting harder to track, and the people that are most affected are shareholders that invest money into a company.

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