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“Driving” Innovation into Profit

One company stands above the rest when discussing technology of the future – Tesla. One of Tesla’s greatest innovations is a semi-truck. When this future product innovation is brought to the market it will have significant consequences for the global society, both positive and negative. This product will provide Tesla with revenue growth through product diversification.

The Tesla semi can accelerate from 0mph to 60mph in 5 seconds, a third of the time of a regular truck. An electric battery powers the semi, so it not only helps companies save gas money, but also saves the environment. Something new the semi will offer is enhanced safety. The “enhanced Autopilot helps avoid collisions, a centered driver position provides maximum visibility and control, and a low center of gravity offers rollover protection.” If a driver is experiencing medical issues such as a heart attack, the semi will automatically stop and call 911, ensuring safety for all drivers. The entire world is currently experiencing a trucker shortage and this innovation would help solve that job gap by offering Autopilot mode.

While the Tesla semi can help fill jobs, it will also take away jobs because it offers Autopilot. In America, there are 3.5 million drivers, making it the 15th most common job. Europe also contains a vast population of truck drivers. With a self-driving truck, there may no longer be a need for drivers, globally putting millions out of a job.

The Tesla semi changes the way products are delivered. People are able to get products faster. This innovation will change the way truck drivers work because with a faster truck, they will have shorter drives. The fear of big trucks on the highways would decrease because people know that the Tesla semi has the technology ensuring not only the truck driver’s safety, but the safety of everyone else on the road. In 2012, trucks killed 4,000 people and 90% of these deaths were caused by driver error. This number would drastically drop with the Tesla semi.


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