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Drones’ Effects on the Global Society

Antranik Malkastian



Flying drones are probably one of the most life changing technologies that is affecting our society nowadays. For example, drones can successfully fly over objects and tall buildings to provide health care and first aid packages. In cases of disasters and emergencies where every second makes a difference, we can send drones that will get there faster than humans or cars to provide help. According to drone life, companies such as “Soaring Sky” in Florida are already on the lead with such ideas.

Having more drones in the air will also decrease the demand for having cars and roads, especially for delivery purposes. The global society can benefit from this by having their orders arrive faster and cheaper. People will have the opportunity to order from any location on the World. On the other hand, we will probably have to put more regulations on the use of drones in the future, as it can cause problems on boarders between countries and private properties.

The use of drones can be very effective for security purposes as well. Since we can have a camera attached on them, we could easily have the drone contact the police in case of robberies, and even possibly chase a criminal down the streets and provide information about their location. However, this can come at a cost, as people already have concerns about their privacy. Of course the main goal here would be detecting robberies and taking important pictures for security purposes, but drones can also easily be used to invade people’s privacies. Not to mention they can also be hacked, which opens up the whole new topic of cyber security.

As we can see, drones can have significant consequences on the global society. They can be extremely useful, make our lives easier, and even save lives. But we have to be careful on how we advance this innovative technology as it has lots of negative potential as well.

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