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Drones: Problem Solver or Invasion of Privacy?

By: Lidya Tesfaye

Drones is known as being one of the most controversial technologies out there. The biggest discussion of the technology has been about wither the different good uses of the technology outweigh the bad uses. For example, this technology can be a tool the government or military uses to monitor people. However, drones offer many other potential uses. It can be used to transport goods like delivering items faster than they were delivered before. It can be used as an inspection machine that can be used to make sure to verify if there are treats inside buildings as well as the structural safety of those buildings. It can provide law enforcement and border patrol monitoring. It can also be used in filming, journalism, and photography to create different ways of filming. The negative impact for global society is that because this is a costly technology, this will only be accessible to certain people who have the funds to buy it. The drone will also be susceptible to being hacked therefore this will have a negative impact on society because of the possibilities of it violating privacy rights if they were used to monitor people.


This will impact the way we live in the sense everything will be delivered faster. The biggest concern that will change the way we live is the concern for privacy. This will really change how we govern and determine privacy laws. This will also effect how we visualize our different forms of entertainment since it will provide another perspective to filming. For example, a sport game can be recorded with a drone that has a much closer view of all players without interfering with the actual game.  I also think this will provide more safety when it comes to individuals who have dangerous jobs.

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