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Eating Meat: The Future of Vegans (Brittney Murugesan)

With grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s building so much momentum over the past few years, more and more Americans are seeking vegan diets. It’s not that these Americans hate the meat itself; it is that they are making an effort to be environmentally cautious, animal-friendly, and overall healthier. Numerous Americans, 8.1 million to be exact (Vegan Demographics 2017), are currently or were previously vegan at some point in their lives. This entails them consuming an entirely plant-based diet, cutting out the meat, dairy, and anything produced by an animal in their day-to-day meals. In recent years, however, scientists have created a way to culture meat in a lab. This means we have developed a way to consume meat without ever involving, abusing, or consuming any animal that was alive.

The concept completely revolutionizes the way we consume meat. This means we have the option to control fat content, sodium levels, and protein percentages in the meat we eat. This attracts not only health-conscious fanatics but also your average 50-year-old man trying to get his high cholesterol under control. Not to mention no animals are harmed in the process. With all these benefits, how can there be any negative consequences?

The answer is simple: the meat industry.

The state of the American economy is heavily reliant on the meat industry and all that comes with it. This includes livestock raising, farming the land in which the livestock live, butchering, transportation, and everything in between. If there is no need for a meat industry surrounding actual livestock, then there is no telling how this can shift the economy. One would think the laboratory-grown meat would just compensate for the shift. However, it is important to think about the workers involved, the resources used, the social implications, and the potential international effects.

While the concept is great, there are many ways it would affect society, politics, and the economy. Regardless of anyone’s opinions about it, the technological advances are here. It is just a matter of time until we see laboratory-grown meat at our local grocery stores — reaping both the benefits and drawbacks.


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