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Bakeys is a company based in India founded by Narayana Peesapaty. Bakeys was founded because there was concerns from Narayana regarding the rapidly depleting availability of water in India, largely due to the overproduction of rice.

He wanted to make grains like millet, which required less water to cultivate, to re-emerge. There had to be a use for it however, since most people in India shifted from millet to rice. Narayana then realized that one of the staple breads in india, roti, was made from millets and when left out, would harden. He then got the idea for Bakeys, a company that would create utensils and cutlery from millet, this poor mans grain, and have a positive impact on society.

120 billion pieces of plastic cutlery is disposed of annually in India alone, which has one of the highest populations in the world. Not only is plastic terrible for humans, as it contains carcinogens, it is also terrible for the environment, as it is not biodegradable and ends up in oceans or landfills.

Narayana’s research led him to create utensils that were edible (nutritious and tasty), and still was able to sell it at relatively low costs similar to the costs of normal plastic utensils. Bakeys’ utensils are also biodegradable, as they decompose in 3/4 days if you don’t feel like eating it, and has an incredible shelf life of 3 years.

This incredible company has already made almost 500% ($165,623) of its needed goal, and is already sold out for pre-bookings, and other companies in the U.S are following suit. This company is not only paving a way and showing that being sustainable doesn’t take much, but also that any country can do it as well. Plastic is something that should not be used as often as it is, and by creating a product with another material that promotes environmental sustainability and health, Bakeys shows that it really isn’t too late to start now.

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