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Effects of Globalization in Everyday Life

Dalton Stoner

Globalization is a relatively recent development in the modern world. To put it simply, globalization is the flow of goods, services, capital, and information throughout the world. This globalization impacts me in my everyday life through the goods and services that I buy. The phone that I use every day has parts made from numerous countries around the world. The products that I use every single day are part of an interconnected world made possible through globalization.

Globalization also impacts my family in many ways. My uncle is a patent attorney and globalization plays an important role in his everyday life. When he handles disputes between major companies such as Samsung and Apple, he often has to travel to Japan or Hong Kong to do business with these companies. Without globalization, we would not have access to the products that they produce. This impacts his life because without globalization, he would not have a job. My family as a whole is impacted by globalization because many of my family’s cars and electronics and even their clothing is produced in other countries. If globalization was non-existent we would not have access to almost any of the goods and services that we rely on every day.

Globalization has been good for the US. It has given us access to technology and products that are produced outside of our own country. It also enables us to export US made products to other countries for greater profit. For example, McDonald’s was created in the United States, but makes more whole profit in France than in the US. This is a shining example of the positive impact that globalization has had on the US.

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