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Empowerment Through Globalization

Maeline Yang

Globalization features in my every day life in that I have been enabled as a woman to work in many fields where I previously would not have been welcome. With a high demand for work from globalization comes the allowance of more minorities to fill these positions. Another place where globalization has aided me is in the increased connectivity and communication amongst people. The gender gap has been exposed because of the immense communication between gender populations. As women have begun to learn about their financial disadvantages because of their gender, they have been able to fight against the gap. Another place where globalization has been beneficial is it has allowed me to participate in this class in a college. Not only is the U.S. education rising for women but, “The average years of completed formal education in the Middle East and North Africa are likely to rise from about 7.1 to more than 8.7 years” (NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COUNCIL. 2013).

Globalization has affected my nuclear and extended family in that currently my extended family from China is able to visit my nuclear family. With the ease of access to communication, transportation and capital, my extended family has been able to travel to the U.S. Many barriers stood in the way with documentation and logistics but because of globalization, my family has been able to unite everyone despite the national boundaries.

Globalization has been good for the U.S. but seems like it will most likely be more beneficial to China. Globalization seems as if it will be benefiting non-western countries, “largely reversing the historic rise of the West since 1750 and restoring Asia’s weight in the global economy and world politics” (NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COUNCIL. 2013). Therefore, the U.S. most likely needs to continue innovating and competing as fiercely to keep up with China’s rise through globalization. The U.S. also needs to focus on helping the global South through globalization as opposed to exploiting the global South.



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