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Enjoying Globalization by Robert Gomez

Globalization In My Life

From the moment I wake up in the sheets of my bed that were fabricated in Egypt, to the late hours of the night sitting in my American-flag boxer briefs and typing on my laptop that were both produced in China, the fruits of globalization feature prominently in my daily life. I brush my teeth with a toothbrush manufactured in Vietnam with toothpaste distributed from a factory in New York. The t-shirt I’m wearing right now says it was assembled in Taiwan, the headphones on my head were manufactured in China, and the music streaming service Spotify, from which I am currently listening to punk-pop from a band in California is provided by a company based out of Sweden. There is not a moment in my daily routine where there isn’t something I am utilizing that wasn’t solely produced in one country.

Globalization and My Family

Globalization has definitely helped to provide affordable products for my middle class family from stores such as Target and Walmart. Not only just products, globalization has given my family, particularly my siblings, their first jobs, working at clothing departments and retail outlets at the local mall and shopping centers. One impact that globalization has had on me personally and that I am looking forward to getting back into after I am finished with engineering school is video-games. My brothers and I spend a large majority of our weekends playing video games that were developed in multiple studios across Japan on our Nintendo Switch consoles.

Globalization and the U.S.

In my own personal opinion I feel that globalization has been amazing for the U.S. Part of the benefits for living in the United States is that we are a large world trader and so we get to enjoy new music, fashion trends, food, automobiles and all sorts of entertainment from cultures around the world.

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