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Environmental Crimes Against Humanity

What do warlords and environmentally destructive corporations have in common?

As of last week, both can be tried by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

On Friday, the Washington Post released an article on the announcement that the International Criminal Court will now pursue crimes involving environmental destruction in order to determine if such injustices are crimes against humanity. Typically, the International Criminal Court focuses on dictators and warlords, but now corporations could face international legal scrutiny.

Today’s reading talked about businesses struggling to align their ethics with the law, a relationship I imagine will only get more complicated as corporations will now have to ensure their environmental ethics abide by international criminal code.img_8375

I choose this article because I believe that saving the environment is the single most pressing issue facing humanity. Each day, we all make millions of choices that impact the mark we will leave on this beautiful world. Usually, the smallest choices make the most difference. Every time I eat, I choose to consume plants instead of animal based products. Therefore,I save 1100 gallons of water each day. I understand I can’t save the planet by myself, but everyday I make little choices to tackle the problem I see as most crucial.

So I want to ask you: what is the biggest problem facing our generation in your eyes? and what little things can you do each day to bring us closer to a solution?

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