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Evironmental Protection Agency Fails to Protect The Environment

Scott Pruitt, the chief of the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency met often with corporate executives and then made decisions which were beneficial to these executives. These executives were from the mining, automobile, and fossil fuel industries. In comparison, Pruitt only met with two environmental groups and public health group during this same time. This is according to The Washington Post which has obtained a copy of Pruitt’s schedule.

One of these meetings was with a Canadian company called Pebble Limited Partnership, who wish to build a gold, copper, and molybdenum mine in Alaska. In 2014 Obama’s administration banned the construction of mines in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed because it was determined that a mine would “imperil the region’s valuable sockeye salmon fishery”. However, a week and a half after Pruitt’s meeting, the EPA reached a legal settlement with Pebble which would allow the company to apply for federal permits to build the mine.

In March President Trump said that his administration would “reexamine the fuel-efficiency standards for cars and light trucks that President Barack Obama had approved”. Afterwards, Pruitt met with representatives of General Motors, Auto Alliance, and Ford Motor Co, who support rolling back the efficiency targets. Months later the EPA “formally reopened the rules with an eye to relax them. These events are troubling because the EPA is supposed to regulate companies and protect the environment but instead they are allowing companies to exploit fragile land in order to earn a profit.

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