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The technological innovation I see having a significant impact globally is Facebook’s social movement for change also known as Internet.org. In a nutshell, Internet.org is a movement carried out by Facebook to provide free Internet to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a mobile app, which allows people in this region to have free access to basic services of the Internet without any data charges. It has currently been launched in Zambia. The services include Facebook, weather updates, health information and different apps catered specifically for the area. By providing free services, Facebook hopes to bring more people online and help them discover valuable services they may not have otherwise had.

Internet.org will definitely have positive impacts on both local and global society. Locally, if the Facebook app becomes popular in the public, more people will want to purchase cellphone’s, to access this free Internet. This will result in an exponential growth in the number of mobile subscribers in Africa which will lead to better economic growth in the market specifically the telecommunication industry.

On a global level, increasing economic growth and a more aware group of customers will attract investors into the Sub Saharan African market who weren’t present previously. According to local reports, African telecom has already attracted both international investors such as Vodaphone and France Telecom and local investors such as Morocco Telecom. This will create new jobs both internationally for hiring the

personnel for increasing company globalization and locally for hiring locals to get the job done. Thus the Sub Saharan portion of Africa will establish its name on the world map.

However, negative impacts due to this innovation also exist. Internet.org offers a handful of chosen apps to share with the public. By using a domain name such as “org”, Internet.org is marketing itself as a non- profit. In addition by using the word “Internet”, it is limiting the user to believe the few apps included are the internet. This is a classic case of monitoring the material the public gets free access too. This doesn’t maintain net neutrality, as a whole portion of Africa who uses this service will believe that only this limited portion is the real deal.

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