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Facebook matches donation to Nepal earthquake relief

Facebook has done a lot on the social responsibility front, particularly in the topic of natural disasters. Last April, Facebook first showed their dedication to natural disaster relief in Nepal. They launched the “Safety Check” application in order to allow people to “check in” and notify their family that they are safe despite the disaster. Along with this application, Facebook also stated that the were matching all donations they received to the International Medical Corps as well as local relief fronts. Since April, Facebook has raised over $15 million in order to support the damage done in Nepal.


Facebook being such a versatile product as a social networking site, small adjustments like this one application allow for so much relief, maybe not physically, but emotionally for victims of such horrible disasters. If that wasn’t enough, Facebook going out of its way and devoting to match all donations for an international relief organization shows its commitment as an organization to social responsibility.

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