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FDA Working to Get Added Sugars Put on Food Labels

A recent study of extremely obese children and teenagers showing a minor loss of weight along with a major improvement in metabolism by replacing lost calories (from sugars) with starchy foods has prompted the Food and Drug Administration to push for added sugars to be put on food labels. Politico Pro Morning Agriculture, a group in support of the FDA’s motion, says that placing added sugars on food labels with help to inform consumers about the health effects of added sugars. The group is also in support of policies that help people reduce the amount of sugar they intake as well as reduce the amount of sugar in foods.

The International Food Information Council, a nonprofit organization that communicates science-based information on food to nutrition officials, opposes the addition of added sugars to food labels because it believes that consumers could be “misled, not enlightened” by the information. Food businesses that take a position similar to the IFIC’s also believe that the additional information will only confuse consumers, not help them.

However, some food businesses are in favor of putting added sugars on food labels and are working with the FDA to make this common practice in the food industry. Major companies siding with the FDA include Mars and Nestle.

Source: http://www.foodpolitics.com/

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