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Going Green: First-Ever Environmental Media Association IMPACT Summit

The Environmental Media Association (EMA) held their first IMPACT Summit in Los Angeles, inviting influential speakers from various fields, to bring awareness and education to going green. According to experts in environmentalism and sustainability, going green can be profitable and a way to make a living.

Sierra Energy is one good example to show that companies can make a profit out of making the world a better place. President and CEO Mike Hart spoke about how his company produces clean energy, jobs, and products from any form of waste. Though there are a few exceptions such as radioactive waste, it can fully recycle garbage and create liquid diesel fuel that is 20 times cleaner than the standard of California.

Innovation is something that was discussed in the Summit as needed more of in this world. Listing several innovative companies, there is Thread International which turns plastic bottles into clothing, boots, and bags. Tree T-PEE created a system to contain water for irrigation and agricultural businesses and succeeded to save 93% of the water needed per tree. And, SkyCool Systems introduced sustainable air conditioning for our planet undergoing global warming. These innovations are sustainable ways that may be a solution to global issues and can make a difference for everyone in the world.

Furthermore, not just people of the business world but those from the political world participated in the event. Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, spoke about his plan to make the city sustainable, environmentally friendly and also grow the economy.

EMA believes that better decisions can be made with better knowledge and that businesses can collaborate to be profitable and make the world better at the same time. They also spoke about how people don’t know how to start being good to the environment. However, small changes in our everyday habits, such as turning the lights off, can help reduce the global carbon footprint. The EMA aims to create a coalition which will give more power to impact the world and hold events to produce solutions for the current devastating problems that we face.

What this event brings up is the issue of sustainability. Resources are finite and both businesses and the society needs to cooperate to go green and be sustainable but what are the different roles that individuals, society, and institutions should take to build a sustainable economy?


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Hollywood Goes Green And Turns A Profit At First-Ever Environmental Media Association Impact Summit


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