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General Mills New Eco-Friendly Grain Kernza by Annie Bernstein


On March 7th, 2017, The New York Times reported that “General Mills Boosts Eco-Friendly Grain Kernza”. Many will ask what is Kernza. According to the article, Kerzna is a “sweet, nutty-tasting grain.” General Mills announced its partnerships with The Land Institute and the University of Minnesota to help commercialize Kernza, which they hope to be using in their cereals and snacks by the early next year. The reason why Kernza is so good for the environment is because of its long roots and farmers will not have to till the soil and replant it every year. “The long roots also help prevent erosion and reduce the leaching of nitrogen into the ground and surface waters.” It is also to be believed that Kernza can help reduce greenhouse gasses from food production by trapping large amounts of carbon in the soil. The Land Institute, based in Kansas, has actually been working for decades, since almost the 1980s, to try and “develop a more natural, sustainable agricultural system” (The Associated Press, 2017).


I think that Kernza will help promote healthy eating habits, especially if it tastes good, and is high in protein because many people try and stay away from protein packed bars because of the flavors. While it will help promote healthy eating, it will also help the environment that we, as humans are destroying.


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