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Generation Z and Business Ethics

The news outlet, The Entrepreneur, published a report in January 2020, stating that although Facebook and Google are among the top corporations to work for, college graduates within Generation Z are no longer willing to work for them. Generation Z, those born between 1996 and 2010 have declined job opportunities due to ethical misconduct. Throughout the last decade there have been scandals in which an executive at Google was “punished” for sexual harassment. Andy Rubin was ultimately forced to resign but given an exit package including $90 million. In 2018 it was revealed Facebook improperly obtained and used information to introduce pro-Trump ads prior to the 2016 election. After the scandal it was reported that the acceptance rate for full time engineers at Facebook reduced by 40%. As Generation Z is notorious for encouraging excellent ethical standards, I believe these major tech companies such as Google and Facebook will miss out on exceptional and innovative talent in the coming years.


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