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Getting Drunk off Carbon Negativity

Zoe Parsons // February 18, 2021


Sustainability and environmental consciousness have become consumer priorities, in which companies are working to change their practices in order to meet these social and environmental norms.

Air Co. is the perfect example of a socially and environmentally conscious business. Air Co. is a new emerging vodka company that works to fight climate change with it’s alcohol. In fact, the company has successfully become carbon negative.

Carbon negative businesses and companies are those that remove more carbon emissions form the atmosphere than they release.

Air Co.’s vodka is made up of two ingredients: CO2 and water. The company collects CO2 emissions from ethanol factories and other manufacturing plants, liquifies the gas collected, and converts it into drinkable alcohol.

Gregory Constantine and Stafford Sheehan, co-founders of Air Co., plan to use the technologies they’ve created to make other products, like perfume, and to continue down the path of carbon negativity.

Like we’ve discussed in class, companies need to be accountable to their shareholders and customers, which may look like new socially conscious and ethical changes to their business.

Carbon negativity has emerged with the movement of carbon neutrality, which is omitting the same amount of emissions from the atmosphere as one emits themself. Major companies like Amazon and Microsoft have declared that they are on the road to carbon neutrality. Although that is a great starting point in the fight against climate change, carbon neutrality isn’t enough to save the environment. Companies need to take a page from Air Co.’s book and work towards becoming carbon negative.

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