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Global Automation… Good for Business but Bad for Global Manufacturers? – Definitely Not


Automation has become an increasingly prevalent topic in the manufacturing industry amongst individuals in the Global economy. For private firms and individuals running their manufacturing businesses both in the United States and countries abroad, automation, or the use of robots to carry out manufacturing tasks, has an unlimited potential to improve companies output, increase their revenue, innovate within the manufacturing industry and ultimately improve global society and lives for all individuals. For instance, Automated manufacturing can provide businesses with programable machines that operate 24/7 in lights-out situations for continuous production, thus increasing companies output and revenue. In addition, automation can almost guarantee medium, and small sized companies ROI and reduce their upfront and longterm costs. This innovation would revolutionize the manufacturing industry as companies would have more resources to spend in deficient areas. Finally, these automations protect workers from repetitive, mundane and dangerous tasks. The manufacturing industry is dangerous, and improving the working conditions of laborers and workers within this sector would decrease injuries, costs associated with these injuries and, increase the efficiency of production.

Despite these benefits, there is still resistance from individuals within the manufacturing sector who purport that automation will “kill manufacturing jobs.” While these are valid concerns, individuals within these sectors should reevaluate their concerns as automations have the ability to reinvigorate competition and create more desirable jobs including: engineering, programming, management and equipment maintenance. In addition, robot automation provides individuals living in outsourced nations that suffer from exploitation the ability to improve their skill set and qualifications in order to achieve better opportunities and work. These individuals can earn a higher income,  spend more free time with their families, and ultimately improve their societies.

– Myles Williams

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