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Global Cyberattacks on Big Business

Global Cyberattacks on Big Business


According to the article, “cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes against large companies rose up to 40 percent in 2014, a study shown by Symantec. Such as companies with over 2,500 employees were targeted with spear-phishing attacks or email fraud. Small and medium companies are even at a higher risk of 60 percent.” The hackers can get access to all the company’s information, including financial and the employees’ personal information.

There are nearly 1 million new malware threats such as viruses, spyware, trojan horses and malicious programs. One of the examples of cyber-attacks in the article, ransomware attacks, “which restrict users access to their computer systems. Victims are offered a key to decrypt their files, but only after paying a ransom range from $300-500. However, there’s no guarantee their files will be unlocked.”

I have solved this sort of problem back in Charlotte, NC. I fixed over 50 computers with a different type of hacks and issues, including ransomware attacks. It’s a big problem that can cause you to lose your data in your computer if not cautious. 

The article also shares the most targeted industry sector; “mining industry, which includes oil & gas, Symantec said. Other high-risk targets were the manufacturing, transportation, and communications industries.”

Here is one method of how they can steal your information. When you are browsing the Internet and looking for an article or so. Hackers can put a link in certain sites. When you click on the link, you are automatically got hacked. They now can control your computer and get access to all of your personal information. If this threat happens to a company, actions need to be taken immediately. 

Here are ways to minimize the chances of getting hacked:

  1. Take the threat seriously
  2.  Avoid using public WiFi
  3.  Set up and pay attention to alerts
  4.  Check your banking activity often
  5.  Subscribe to an identity-theft service
  6.  Tighten your password security
  7.  Get your employees and vendors on board
  8.  Consider insurance



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