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Globalization: A Modern Renaissance

Globalization is featured in my daily life in many ways. Most importantly, globalization from a human standpoint at UMD, has allowed me the privilege of interacting with many individuals from very diverse backgrounds in an online class environment. Globalized communication and technology have made this possible.

My near and extended family has both been impacted by globalization. As a result of globalization, we are now able to freely travel between Europe and the United States. The globalization of the supply chain has made it so certain goods that we favor in the United States, such as Coca Cola, are even available in some of the most remote places in Europe and elsewhere.

Globalization is an extremely complicated concept with many moving parts, and has been vastly beneficial. With respect to the American consumer, globalization has reduced the price of certain goods as a result of outsourced manufacturing jobs. Products are manufactured utilizing lower wages, and the savings are transferred to the consumer by way of cheaper products.

However, from a domestic jobs standpoint, globalization has eradicated many of the American manufacturing jobs for these aforementioned reasons. Globalization has become a scapegoat for many domestic changes. Technological changes for example, have also dramatically changed the manufacturing landscape for the better. Robots with multiple capabilities have taken the place of human employees and made business more efficient. From 2000 to 2010, 5.6 million jobs disappeared in the United States and Canada alone. “13 percent of those jobs were lost due to international trade. The vast remainder, 85 percent of job losses, stemmed from “productivity growth” — another way of saying machines replacing human workers” (Rendall).

– Ryan Joyce

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