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Globalization: A New World, A New Story

Globalization plays a massive role in my story and everyday life. When I wake up in the morning the coffee that I drink is imported from Brazil, the clothes that I wear are made overseas, and my car is manufactured in Germany. A lot of the products that I use today are all connected to the efforts that have been made and created due to globalization.

That being said, globalization has also really impacted my family in many ways. At a young age, my uncle started a company that provides health and IT services, eventually allowing him to expand his capital and globalize his market into the US. He is now able to provide health and IT solutions for government and private projects in the US and India. This company level globalization has given us opportunity to come the US and change our lives. Additionally, I am currently interning at P&G which has such a massive industry level globalization movement. Surprisingly, P&G has “operations in about 80 countries, and is touching the lives of consumers in over 180 countries!” I have been able to see the intensive communication, capital, information, and the flow of goods and services which has been eye opening and also, absolutely shocking as to how much trade and industrialization that P&G has been able to develop globally due to globalization.

I believe that there are pros and cons as to whether or not globalization has been good for the US. One negative about it is, that we are outsourcing many of our jobs overseas, thus hindering potential workers from getting these jobs in America. On the other hand there are so many new companies, products, and opportunities with the globalization movement. Whatever the outcome may be, globalization is growing fast and we need to be ready to embrace it.



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