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Globalization: A perspective

Amnah Mahmood

We are all impacted by globalization in one way or another. From the movies we watch, to the songs we listen or the books we read, all have to do with globalization and mobility of products from one country to another. One a personal front as well, my daily life is influenced by globalization in more ways than one. From the computer that I work on to the cell phone I use, by Apple and Samsung respectively, I have someone most likely outside of the United States to thank for actually manufacturing the product.

Globalization has subtly yet undeniably impacted my near family. I am from South Asia where arranged marriages used to be the norm. Both of my older siblings were offered jobs with international organizations and had to move due to work requirements. They inevitably ended up choosing their own partners and were in a way the pioneers of nuclear family system within our small community. As for my extended family, migration of younger generations from rural to urban areas and sometimes abroad is resulting in extinction of the traditional joint family network.

Finally, in my opinion, globalization has been good for the United States as after a gap of nearly 75 years, capital mobility, trade flow and movement of people across borders are on the rise. These are all aspects of globalization and contribute positively to a country’s economy. The world is becoming more prosperous and the US is not the sole drier of the world GDP. EU15’s share of world GDP is 27% while Asia/Oceania’s share is over 25%. This means that the U.S. can further benefit by selling products to a broader worldwide market whilst also taking advantage of opportunities being created by other larger economies in Europe and Asia.


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