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Globalization: A Powerful Force Throughout the World

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In my daily life, globalization has played an important role. This is evident since many of the products that I use utilize a global supply chain network. Anything from my coffee to my car to my iPhone takes advantage of this network. For these products to get manufactured and delivered, they require different materials and labor from all around the world and often get shipped multiple times throughout an interconnected network. Another example of globalization playing a pivotal role within my life is the internet and how it connects myself with the world’s information.

In addition to technology, immigration is another example of globalization. Similar to products, people have also moved globally, but they have additionally brought their cultures and values with them. My great grandfather came to the U.S. from the USSR. So, globalization has impacted my family specifically since we now live here.

I would argue that globalization has definitely been beneficial for the U.S. There are arguments that can be made that globalization can yield negative impacts on society. For example, globalization can indirectly increase the amount of child labor or hazardous working conditions that are more available in other lesser-developed countries. But even with this in mind, I still believe that globalization has improved the global and United States’ economic standing and access to information. When we look at the data presented in Module 1: Getting Closer to Today, we can see that peoples’ emotions do not match the data, and that the data shows the positive impacts of globalization. The most important global factor is that the global GDP has grown faster than the population. This is incredible because more economic output is being generated per person than ever before. It is evident that shared technologies, capital, and information have improved peoples’ lives.

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