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Globalization: An Empowerment Tool

-Hawa Anthony

In my daily life globalization is the catalyst that increases my consciousness for the world around me. Through the use of social media, I am able to be a part of a larger global community comprised of many different people representing different cultures and ideologies. By being an active member of social media site like Twitter which currently has about 645 million users in nearly every continent, I am able to be more cognizant of important issues regardless of where I am thus empowering me with knowledge and information as a member of the global community. [1]

Globalization brings with it constant evolving communication and information technologies that for my near and extended family has allowed for access to one another in an unprecedented manner. This sort of access is tremendously important for my family because my immediate family immigrated from Sierra Leone to the United States but, the bulk of my extended family remained. Being that Sierra Leone is the ninth poorest country in world, without the advancement of communication technologies it would be nearly impossible to communicate with family back in Sierra Leone in an affordable manner. [2] Through the use of affordable communication devices constructed with various components from around the world, globalization empowers us to with the freedom to share moments and to remain connected with love ones.

Globalization has had many benefits for the United States with the bulk of the benefits centering around increasing the standard of living for its citizens. The United States is ranks twelfth among all nations when it comes to standard of living in large part due to the jobs created and the improvements in infrastructure. [3] In the united states Globalization empowers citizens by allowing standard access to necessities like clean water and medicine.



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