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Globalization- An Immigrant’s Experience

By: Keshav Kowtha


From a historical perspective, the United States of America is the land of immigrants. From the first Chinese immigrants, looking for gold and working the railroads, to the visitors to Ellis Island who saw the Statue of Liberty beckoning, the major driving force for immigration has been the search for economic opportunity for the immigrants, beyond the borders of their country. For the longest time, this applied mostly to Europeans seeking economic prosperity in America, but in the last half-century, immigrants from India, the land of my parents, sought the very same chances here.

And so, my life is the result of the forces of globalization. As the world grew smaller due to aviation innovations, America was only a day away from India. My parents both came and found technical jobs here. When they settled and had children, they were quite successful, with a comfortable salary that was sufficient to put me and my brother through good schooling and college. This pursuit for American prosperity is what makes me born an American citizen. It exposed me to different cultural influences than my parents grew up with. America shaped me into who I am, something I would not have experienced being born in India. I am a product of globalization.

And this same globalization has brought to this country many other great immigrants. The entire Indian-American community is pretty much born out of these same forces bringing many fellow Indians here. And as many of these Indians go on to become to be top notch Doctors and Engineers, it is safe to say, it has been good for America.

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