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Globalization And Its impact

By: Shengyi Chen

It hard to imagine living in a world without globalization. Personally, globalization has impact my life in all kinds of ways. I start my day with help the help of Brazilian coffee beans, and drive my trusty Japanese car to the destination. My iPhone that was assembled in China keeps me connected throughout the day, blankets and sheets from Vietnam makes me sleep tight at night. Globalization allowed me to enjoy the very best product of each country at a competitive price, while benefiting other workers and businesses oversea.

As an international student, globalization played a significant role on me and my near family. With globalization, I had access to education from top notch universities and ideologies that wasn’t available in my home country. Additionally, I often share the culture and anecdotes I experienced overseas to my near family, providing them with a global perspective on all matters.

Thanks to globalization, American consumers are able to enjoy increased choices of goods and services at a more affordable price point, while the exports helps the domestic firms grow. According to Harvard Politics Review, over 30% of global IT spending stems from technology products made in U.S., and United States owns 45% of global market share in medical devices industry.

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