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Globalization and its Ongoing Effect On Our Daily Lives (Michael San Gabriel)

Globalization is in every facet of our daily lives; from the stores we shop at to how we check the daily news every day. In my daily life, globalization has impacted what and where I eat, when I decide to get a meal away from home. Commercial fast food companies like McDonald’s and many others have shaped how and what I eat. With a total of 37,855 McDonalds in the world (Statista.com) companies like it and those similar, impact my diet on a daily basis. Globalization has impacted my near family similarly to how it has impacted me. The globalization of the internet and the sites on it impact my family regularly. It affects how they get and receive their news, as well as what type of news they get. With the benefits of the internet my Mom can learn about a crisis halfway across the globe through social media apps like Twitter and Facebook. In a study done by the Washington post, it was found that 74.6 percent of Americans use the internet, only emphasizing the reach the internet has gained as well as the companies that use it. Globalization has been very good for America, as it has brought countless high paying jobs and revenue for Americans through global companies like Nike who have increased by 108% in 5 years (Forbes). Not only do these American companies benefit but so do stock holders who are tied with the company’s global success. Overall globalization has had a great impact on revenue gained by U.S companies as well as influence.

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