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Globalization And The American Society

Nicholas Orji


There are many effects that globalization has had on the American society. There are many products and political policies that affect our country and how we do things in our environments. There are a few products that I use that come from a multitude of different countries. All of the game systems that I own were made in foreign countries. Many of the clothes that I wear were made in countries other than The United States of America. This shows that personal items and experiences can also be influenced by globalization. This is important due to the cultural influences and political aspects that are connected to the relationships between countries.


Many families have their share of specific places that they go to for buying goods. They also have certain goods that they buy that may or may not be made in America. My family has a variety of products that are and have been manufactured here and in different countries. At least 85% of all of the cars that my family own are foreign cars. We have many foods that are made in the U.S. due to the better quality of that can come from buying locally grown foods.


The United States of America has benefited from globalization in many industries. This is because of the products and deals that America is able to create through relationships that are connected to trading with other countries. There are many fruits and vegetables that are imported and exported as a result of trades that occur between countries. From the different qualities and tastes from these foods to the tariffs that surround them, there are streamlines that show how our interactions between elements of these goods are results of globalization.



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