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Globalization and the Effect it has on Our Lives-Brandon Wooten

Globalization effects my daily life in many aspects, whether it is electronics, food, or the cars we buy. Personally the electronics I own are sold at price that is significantly lower because they are outsource to foreign nations. Apple for example is currently outsourcing their manufacturing to Foxcon, like many other electronics companies, because of their efficiency and wages that were close to $2 in 2010. If these same devices were manufactured in the United States, then Apple would lose their profit, 14 billion in 2010 or would be forced to increase prices on already expensive products. So, globalization has allowed me to buy products at decent prices due to outsourcing.

Globalization has effected my family through the means of open travel. My family is in the hotel and hospitality business, and with this industry is the need for both workers and travelers. Every summer in Ocean City, MD people travel from all over the world to work under a visa at the various businesses in town. In terms of globalization, this can be affected by the relations we have with other foreign nations. If globalization is an open idea and we are working to progress it, then travels and visas are more likely to occur. This helps my family through the means of having options to hire competent workers.

The United States position in globalization can be viewed as both good and bad for the current market. In the case of the good, companies can partner and outsource some of the production and innovation, so the consumers are able to get a quality product at a reasonable price. On the bad side is the fact that if we outsource the production, then it will lead to an number of people to be out of factory jobs they had or could have had.




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